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125 cm eels Live in The Intestines of Man

Written By Unknown on Monday, February 9, 2015 | 7:41 PM

A man from Londrina, Brazil complained of pain in the stomach. After review, it turned out the doctor finds an object in his intestines. Doctors immediately suggested the Act of surgery. The Doctors got shock, they found a lungfish in the gut.

Lungfish is a species of freshwater fish from South America that is similar to the eel.In a video distributed on the internet that a lungfish looks fatter all 125 cm successfully ejected from the intestines of men in a State of still life. Even doctors need to be anesthetized the fish so that it cannot hurt the doctor when issued.

Man who concealed his name is now in convalescence in Hospital Universitrio, a hospital belonging to one of the universities in Brazil.

This one is for the history says one medical students were heard in the video. They looked amazed at surgical removal of lungfish may first occur.

Videos the Rapture lungfish from the intestines of patients received criticism from a number of parties. However the procedure action operation does indeed allow video recording time of surgery but without exposing the patient's data. Moreover in case of surgery rare indeed to be on record for medical student learning materials.

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