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NAZI Had Created the world's largest Weapons

Written By Unknown on Monday, February 2, 2015 | 7:07 PM

 Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of the largest guns in the world, namely the Gustav Gun. In 1939, Hitler met with difficulties in penetrating the Defense powerful France along its walls with Germany and Italy. France had built fortifications along the 1. 500 kilometers of barrier to tanks and machine guns.

Before "Gustav Gun" the weapon was successfully developed for use to penetrate the defense of France, Hitler decided to attack France through Belgium, where French defence of the weakest there.

Despite the successful invasion of France, the construction of the Gustav Gun continues to do, and in 1941 Germany weapons manufacturer Friedrich Krupp AG managed to make it. The name Gustav himself was named after Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, the head of the family company Krupp.

Heavy artillery was almost 1. 500 ton and should be uninstalled before can be moved because it was too heavy when carried intact on the rail (though this weapon has been placed on the tracks of the mobile). Height approx. 11.6 metres, a width of about 6 feet, and the length of about 43 meters. For moving, installing and setting it up so that it is ready to shoot, it takes a crew of 500 personnel, commanded by a major general. It took about three days to put it together again and ready to be fired

This cannon barrel with a diameter of about 80 cm and use about 1. 360 kg of gunpowder to fire projectiles. It has two types of artillery projectiles, projectile, high explosive (HE) 4. 763 kg and projectile penetration concrete (bunker buster) 7. 484 kg.

With a height of maximum 48-degree firing ammunition powerful high explosive, can hit a target at a distance of 30 miles, and the penetration of the concrete ammunition can reach targets 23 miles. High explosive projectile power potentially creates a crater as deep as 9 feet tall if it hit the target, while the projectile penetration concrete can penetrate concrete with the thickness of 7 meters.

Gustav Gun never used Hitler to fight France, only ever used at Sevastopol in Crimea (Ukraine) and to the Warsaw Uprising. Gustav Gun fires 300 rounds in Sevastopol (with a rate of fire of 14 rounds per day) and 30 bullets in Warsaw. Soon after, Gustav Gun captured by the Allied forces, later stripped down and smashed to pieces.

Gustav Gun actually has a brother namely Dora, a fee similar to the manufacture of artillery around DM7 million (approximately USD 4 million). Dora was destroyed by Germany on its own because it does not want to fall into the hands of the Soviet army which was advancing to attack. In 1945, Germany was not able to resume their war effort again and finally the war ended.

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