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8 Animal Human Predators

Written By Unknown on Thursday, February 12, 2015 | 7:35 PM

-Most of the predator animals can eat humans depending on the situation. But rarely is there a specialized predator animals prey on humans.

Here is the animal human predators that ever happened :

1. Kesagake
Kesagake is a wild animal in Japan. Giant Hornet Japan ate humans more than 40 people per year. But the biggest predator ever recorded in the history is Brown Bears. He has conducted a brutal attack on a village in Sankebetsu, Hokkaido in 1915.

A Hunter a bear's famous sign to the village. At first he refused to join but eventually participated after learning more and more are becoming its victims.

In the end he managed to kill Kasagake. Bear with more then 3 meters height and weight 380 Kg. Having examined it turns out there's still a victim in his stomach.

Incidents of Sankebetsu was the worst animal attack in the history of Japan until today.

2. The New Jersey Shark
Shark attack happened in 1916 along New Jersey's coast that killed many people. The first victim named Charles Vansant was attacked in a very shallow water with pet dogs. Some people, including his family, witnessed the attack, and the Coast Guard rushed to rescue the man. The shark was very tenacious and seems to follow the movement of a coast guard stand guard on the beach. Shark teeth have already disconnected the femoral artery Vansant and one of his feet on shreds of shark, he spent a lot of blood and eventually die since before he could be taken to hospital. Five days later, another man, Charles Bruder, was attacked by the same shark while swimming away from shore. Initially it was reported by witnesses that saw the red boats upside down, in fact, the red boat is a boat that is soaked in the blood of Bruder. Shark's bite broke his leg. He was dragged back to the beach, where his body is destroyed, but it was too late, he was already dead by the time he got to the beach

Although the sharks have been seen over the past few days, the scientist who was told about the attack claiming that it's not a shark attack, and said that the culprit may be a killer whale or sea turtle! The next attacks took place not in the sea, but in a river near the town of Matawan. Once again, people reported seeing a shark in the River, but they were ignored, until on 12 July, eleven years boy was attacked while swimming and dragged to the bottom of the water. Several townspeople rushed into the River, and a man named Stanley Fisher dove into the water to find the remains of the boy, but he was also attacked by sharks and died of the wounds which caused the shark. The last victim was a young boy, barely 30 minutes after the attack on Stanley Fisher. Although he is badly injured, he was the only victim who survived.

3. The Panar Leopard
The Leopard is the smallest of the big cats, but that does not mean they are less lethal than a larger cat.Matter of fact, the Leopard is probably the oldest predator; Leopard bite marks have been found in fossils of hominid bones, indicating that the cat has been eating our ancestors who lived in the more than three million years ago. But although there are leopards adult who might see humans as suitable prey in the right situation, only a few of them be actual prefer human flesh eaters over any other meal. Leopards eating humans most brutal of all time was the Panar Leopard. This male Leopard lived in Kumaon region of India in the early XX century. He is a tiger who is the most active in the province of Panar, where he killed over 400 people, being the second most prolific man Eater in history

4. The Champawat Tigress
During the end of the XIX century, between the area of Nepal into the Himalayas ever terrorized by the most famous human-eaters and prolific of all that ever existed. Men, women and children, they were ambushed in the jungle by him. The attack was so often on and deadly so that people guess that animal as the devil, and even punishment from the gods. The culprit is the Bengal tiger that had been shot by hunters. He succeeded to escape, but the bullet had been removed two of his fangs. Constant pain, and may not be the usual prey of hunting, the Tigress became a human eater. The number of victims of the Tigress reached 200. The hunters were sent to kill the animal, but he's too shifty and rarely seen by them. Finally, the Government of Nepal decided to solve the problem by sending armed forces to kill the killer cat. In addition to the case of The Panar Leopard, this is probably the only in its history when the army deemed necessary to deal with the animal human eater. But they failed to catch the Tigress. He, however, was forced to leave the region and he crossed the border with India, where he went on his manhunt.

It was reported that after eating any man, he will be more courageous and more scary, and ultimately, he began attacking in daylight and prowling around the village. Residents would not dare leave their huts to work, because they can hear the voice of the roaring of the killers in the Woods is waiting for them. But this man eaters fared the same, in the end, one man decided to end the reign of the Tigress. This guy named Jim Corbett, which (ironically) will be one of the founders of the first tiger conservation programs

Then Corbett tells the story of how he found the Tigress by just following a trail of blood and his latest victim, a teenage girl. Corbett was a brave reply, but he was horrified to see the terrible scene, Corbett shot the Tigress in 1911. The local people were very relieved, grateful and they assume Corbett as a holy man.

At the time, recorded the Tigress had killed 436 people, and could probably even more because many victims are missing. He is an individual human's most prolific eaters in history. Not only that, he is recorded as being the most murderous and rival the human version of the killer. Just one man's version of killer who is said to rival the Champawat Tigress, a famous Hungary named Countess Erzebet Bathory is known as the Tigress of Csejte

5. Gustave
All the greatest man Eater has no; except for one. In Africa, lived a man Eater on our age now, the male Nile crocodile measuring seven meters long and weighs about a ton. He is the largest Nile crocodile who ever lived, as well as the largest individual predator in the entire continent of Africa, and according to locals and Patrice Faye (a French naturalist who has spent years trying to catch this man eaters), he has killed more than 300 people until now! Although still alive and active, Crocodile (who dubbed Gustave by Faye) has become a legend. (There's even a film which was inspired by the story of the crocodile)

Indigenous people say he killed a man on the basis of pleasure, not just for food, he killed a few people in each attack, and then disappear for months, or even years, and reappeared elsewhere just to kill. No one can predict when or where it would show up next. He is also said to have a monstrous appetite, and rumor has it that he killed and devoured an adult male hippopotamus (a very dangerous animals and the most powerful evade crocodiles). The crocodile takes the scars are countless. Among them were custom-made by knives, Spears and even firearms. A black spots at the top of his head is the only remaining lucrative bullet scars and the bullets should be able to put an end to his rule. But all hunters (and even, once, a group of armed soldiers) had failed to kill him.

Faye himself tried to capture Gustave by building large traps in the water, but, although the crocodile appeared, he never approached the traps custom-made Faye. He just swam around her, as if to taunt would-be abductor. Reported to be aged more than 60 years, Gustave might be too experienced and savvy to cheated, so it seems Gustave will continue killing and probably will become the most prolific man Eater in history. Don't like how on the Champawat Tigress; Patrice Faye no longer wants to kill Gustave. She wants to protect her from human retaliation; by capturing Gustave alive and keeping him in a secure enclosure, Faye hopes to save the lives of humans and human-eating itself, and may use them as seeds to help the conservation of the Nile crocodile. An enclosure has been constructed in the Ruzizi National Park of Burundi, waiting for the moment the biggest man eaters arrest in our time.

6. The Lion of Djombe, Tanzania
This event took place in the town of Njombe district, Tanzania, in 1932. A lion, a big, burly body, have been doing brutally murder against humans in the vicinity. A local folklore States that the lion is the pet of a local physician, Matamula Mangera, who use and control the lion as revenge against his tribe who had fired him from the position of a physician

Although the people begging to restore Matamula position as a healer, but still rejected by Tribal Chief. By coincidence the lion keep attacking and killing humans, even reaching the amount of 1,500 inhabitants (there is also a mention of 2,000 inhabitants). That number is the least bad for history of the tiger attack against the man. Not only human but also kill Lions other (15 tail), so the place was abandoned by other Lions. The Lions attack ended, along with the reappointed Matamula Mangera became the physician of the local tribes, and increased the confidence of the citizens of the tribe against Matamula Mangera.

7. The Giant Catfish
A fish a kind of catfish is alleged to have genetically mutated into a monstrous and huge size. These fish are now the object of research scientists in Nepal and India. They worry that the fish have already killed several people after the ' feel ' of human corpses. This giant catfish, commonly called a goonch, allegedly grew up after Fed human corpses dumped in rivers Great Times, a river in Nepal-India border, where the fish was caught.

Fish that have been mutated was now under investigation biologist Jeremy Wade. Wade examine the giant catfish that for television shows and television station Five will be screened in the near future.The first victim of goonch attack is a young 17 year old who also came from Nepal. He was killed after bathing in the River, April 1988 ago.Witnesses said they saw the man as drawn by something powerful into the river. Three months after the incident, a little boy was dragged into the water, while his father could only see helpless.

Cannibal Fish, Goonch

Curiosity residents finally answered when a biologist from the United Kingdom named Jeremy Wade doing research at the Time and found a surprising answer.

Wade find the fact that man Eater monster that turned out to be a giant catfish that has undergone a change of DNA because it often takes an corpses floated into the river after the first fired in a traditional funeral ritual occasions local people known as the Ritual of Bagmati.

"This type of Fish is a species of fish endemic to this river. However, since it has decades of eating meat corpses floated through the River, these genetically altered fish becomes much larger than actual size. They become hooked, and started making human flesh into the main menu. So if there is no longer a ritual burial, these fish become malignant and attack humans, "Wade explained".

In his research, Jeremy Wade also managed to catch a catfish predator human flesh with a size of 1.8 meters and weight ranges from 73 kilograms.According to Wade, if the size of the fish when attacking humans in the water, then very few chances to save themselves. Wade then named the giant catfish that's the name of the Fish Goonch.

8. Snake Eater Man in Borneo, Indonesia
Once upon a time, a few years ago a group of natives of Borneo went from their hometown to the wilderness. Escape from the Netherlands colonizers. However, in a new place, other threats await....

One by one the children disappeared. Eight boys in the 8 days vanished without a trace. Fear gripped residents, who the hell did it. The ghosts of the forest or lest a hungry Tiger?

After deliberating, they decided to install the trap. A child had to be sacrificed, in order to stop the death of the other. From a hiding place, feeling restless, pounding the villagers bear witness to a horrible event: the ripples of the river water, and the emergence of large creatures without hands and feet out of the water, which directly prey upon the boy once thrash.

Some residents refer to the creature, is a giant snake. Others dubbed him a dragon.
After that, the villagers are dogging the snake nest. There are 3 in there, 2 adults with similar body oil drum diameter, and 1 other small-sized coconut trunk still.

The angry villagers attacked the animals, cutting off 2 adult snakes, and let the young ones stay alive--with a deal from now on, it's either a snake or a human will not kill each other.Later, the men returned to their remote villages. Continuing life. But they are convinced, that dragons still exist around them

Science writer, Nadia Drake first time heard the legend of the Pak homeworld Dayak elder, Rusni Uprooted last Tujang in July 2014.

Curious, he wanted to find out if there is a serpent of Borneo that could grow by monsters and can kill a child quickly. He found several suspects

For instance, tropical forests in Borneo had 140 million years old. One of the oldest in the world. What's more, during the last ice age, Borneo never become one landmass with continental Asia and other islands in Indonesia. A number of species migrated to Borneo there, making rich with living organisms. When the ice age ended, the Borneo became a separate island, every creature in them free of the relative conditions evolved in isolation. Including snakes, there are about 150 species there. Even more.

There are living underground, according to the forest floor at the other. Most chose to live in trees, flying from one branch to another branch. They can be found in the water or in the caves. Animals that inhabit the buildings according to their human in the ceiling or under the space under the House. Borneo is called Land of the Man-Eating Snakes--the land where snakes feed on humans.

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