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Man Before Adam

Written By Unknown on Friday, January 2, 2015 | 7:23 AM

Pre-Adamic has become an ongoing debate without any point of completion, both among historians and research of ancient texts and the book earlier. Today, many historians who believe that there is a human-like creature living in the era before Adam, the controversy continues with various hypotheses who actually living beings on earth before Adam became the leader.
The pre-Adamite hypothesis or Preadamism is the belief that humans existed before Adam, assumptions contrary to the beliefs described Adam as the first man as revealed in the Bible and holy Quran. Preadamism different from the conviction of Ibrahim conventionally, that Adam was the first man. And the history of Preadamism probably already existed since the emergence of the early Pagan.
In this discussion, some evidence in the form of paper Hugh Ross, Dr. John r. w. Stott, Isaac De La Peyrere, gave evidence in the archaeological or scientific side that is accompanied by written evidence in the literature of Christianity and Islam. Some of the statements they are pretty shocking, that before Adam was lowered into the Earth, there have been generations of an entirely similar to humans. Among the scientists call this Hominid, but some are giving the explanation that the Chain (fabric, Qabil) one of the descendants of Adam marrying pre Adam, neither with a population of his town.

Browse The Pre Adam
Hugh Ross suggested, that may be similar to those of human beings before the fall of Adam is a bipedal using stone tools scour the Earth for hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago. Ross did not trust the biological evolution, cosmic evolution despite her receiving and geological and evolutionary time. He believed the same general sequence of events and the same sequence of evolutionists, though essentially he believed God created Adam from the ground.
However, a few human fossils found just shows the life of early genealogy of Adam, so he postulates the existence of beings with human-like characteristics that became extinct before Adam and Eve down to Earth. No other world is a place of death, violence and degradation for millions of years until Rose stated, step by step approach to the creation of a bipedal Primate can we see in the fossil record recently may simply reflect God's understanding about the difficulties other life forms will meet in adapting to human beings.
In 1655, France Isaac La Peyrere published a theory that says that not only Adam, before there was the same creature also comes from the pre-Adamic. They were not created from the soil by God, neither wife Chain (fabric, Qabil) and residents of the town comes from the pre-Adamic.
In the 18th century and 19th century, white-skinned people, dark-skinned man look distinguished, the minority Christians think that God has created a black-skinned people separated from Adam, so they believe that this race descendants of pre-Adamic. Pre-Adamisme of polygenism or some creations from a different race, supporters of this idea is often thought that black people were inferior beings that can be treated as a slave. So the theory of the pre Adam became the justification of slavery and racism.
In the 20th century came the theory of Darwin and the discovery of ancient human fossils of advanced, many scientists and historians adopted theistic evolution. They assume this being relatively young ages from Adam, but they say that human fossil comes from a creature similar to the pre-Adamic. John R.W. Stott says, Adam and Eve is a history does not conflict with the belief that some form of pra, Adam called Hominid seems to have been on Earth for thousands of years before. Theories pre Adam has used some Christians to align science and the Bible. Pre-Adamism also contradicts Scripture which tells the story of Eve, that God created it out of one of Adam's ribs and not from some creatures that already exists.
Ross believes that the aborigines and American Indians lived around 80,000 to 100,000 years ago. But he mentioned the time Adam and Eve were approximately 10,000 to 25,000 years ago, means Indian and aboriginal tribes are not descendants of Adam and Eve.
Ross has said, about 2 to 4 million years ago, God began to create the mammals such as humans or hominids. These beings standing with two feet, have large brains, and using the tool. Some of them bury corpses and painted on the walls of caves. But they are very different, they have no spirit, no conscience, no worship of God or religious practices are established. And all these creatures became extinct, then about 10 to 25 thousand years ago, God replaced him with Adam and Eve.

Pre Adamic In The Literature Of Islam
Based on previous history has mentioned that before the fall of Adam there is several generations are similar to humans, they are called insan or nation Nisnas. Allame Thabathabai says:
Mentioned in Jewish history, the age of man kind since created up to now no more than 7000 years. But scientists believe that the geological age of humans over millions of years old based on a fossil which is a relic of human remains. There is no evidence that establishes that this is a fossil of a human ancestor at the moment, and there is also no evidence that could deny the possibility that they are related to one of the pre-Adamic period.

On the other hand, the author of Tafsir Ayyasyi narrated from Hisham Ibn Salim and Hisham Ibn Salim from Imam Sadiq said: u. s.
If the angels don't see creatures of the earth before the shed blood, where they came from, he says; Will you make (the Caliph) on earth that people who will make mischief therein and shed blood?
Behold, I will make a Caliph in the Earth. A House that will replace the one the other, time after time, and generations, as his word He was the one who made you as a Caliph in the Earth (Al-Anaam 165)

Shaykh Shaduq al-Khishal narrated in Imam Baqir said: u.s.
Since God Almighty created the Earth, creating seven nature which later became extinct, where none of it comes from Adam the father of mankind, and God always created their Earth and generations, the natural order of nature appears, until finally he created Adam the father of man and his descendants come from him.

Sheikh Shaduq in the book of Tawhid quotes from Imam Sadiq U.s. history said:
You think that God did not create man other than you? In fact he created thousands of Adam and  you are  the last generation of Adam

Al Khisa, narrated from Imam Sadiq said:

God created the universe, twelve thousand, each bigger than the seven heavens and seven earths. None of the occupants of one of the world think that God created the other world beside the world they living in

Evidence the literature of Christianity and Islam, at least give us the image that God made Adam as the Caliph or ruler on the surface of the Earth. For whom the lead, whether Adam was demoted to the previous generation, which led to more sin, killing each other and make mischief, and give a warning to them?

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