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Aliens and a CIA

Written By Unknown on Monday, December 29, 2014 | 1:42 AM

Anyone who's ever been to a casino in Las Vegas, u.s., it may be difficult to believe that in the Casino there are aliens wearing man mingling with the people around him.
Metro United Kingdom report alerts you, former soldiers from the US air force, Charles Hall said that since the 1960s , the u.s. military has established close contact and cooperate with the alien white skinned and great high.
Hall said that in the 1960s, is surprisingly alien that likes to wear civilian clothing, sunglasses, and along with agents of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agenc
y) Stardust Casino visit.
For the first time, this veteran openly revealing the contents of the secret relationship with the alien white skinned and tall of it, the contents of the confidential relationship that includes scientific fiction series in the novel entitled the Millennial Hospitality. It is revealed, that the contents of the relationship that is the actual facts
Hall spoke, the u.s. military is using transactions technologies with aliens, but not published, because according to them not ready emotionally. He said in 1964, ago, I was an observer of the meteorology at Nellis Air Force Base, ever witnessed with my own eyes the interaction between the military and a group of extraterrestrial beings, aliens, such as the white man and the great and mysterious, the high speed of the spacecraft they are even faster than the speed of light.
Hall had worked in a former military base near Las Vegas, he says, that has many ever see and interact with the aliens. However, the base has now been abandoned.
The aliens are pervasive to the elite community it's not unusual anymore
Nigel Watson, the author of UFO Investigation Manual Haynes says, that it's not unusual anymore to see aliens entering the environmental elite society, in 1967 of the past. In The Stranger at the Pentagon's written Frank E. Stranges explained, that the alien named Valiant Thor of Venus work in the u.s. military, has met with U.s. Presidents Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower at that time. Watson said that Valiant Thor arrives on Earth in 1937, however, one day in 1937, he left the planet Earth by his own spaceship.
Valiant Thor has a height of 6 metres, brunette and brown-eyed. As first glance, in addition to a pair of hands that have 6 fingers, not unlike other people in General. It was said, Thor already 500 years old, his IQ reaches up to 1200, such its blood system, blood system Octopus, can speak 100 different language, said Watson.
The existence of aliens in our midst
On January 7, 2014, when former defence Minister Paul Hellyer Canada interviewed on a television news program SophieCo in Russia Today TV network, he made a startling statement, that Aliens do exist, there are even some of them were working for the u.s. Government.
He also said that the alien has been activity around us, such as posing as a nun to shop in Las Vegas, but nobody knows. And they resist sharing high-tech with humans, since we love war and ruin the ecology.
Heller's age 90 years it says, that a space or alien beings who have known it was there 80 kinds, there are similar to humans, as they walk on the road, and passing away from your side, you will never know who is just passing it turns out is extraterrestrial beings or aliens.

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