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British Women Hoping to Give Birth in Mars

Written By Unknown on Monday, February 2, 2015 | 7:21 PM

A student named United Kingdom Maggie Lieu (24 years old) is one of the people who voted in one of the controversial project to go to Mars. This PhD astrophysics student was one of 600 candidates selected to participate in the trip to Mars and will find out next month if he had been selected to be part of the first group of people in history who established permanent residence on the Red Planet.

Maggie Lieu has an extra incentive to be part of a mission to Mars, where he also has a personal wish of hope became the first woman could give birth to a child in the other world.

"Ini akan menjadi luar biasa untuk menjadi Adam dan Hawa dari planet lain," katanya. "Karena ini adalah program kolonisasi, maka tak terelakkan bahwa pada akhirnya seseorang akan berkembang biak dan akan luar biasa sekali jika saya menjadi ibu pertama di Mars."

The first manned mission to one of Mars colonization project is scheduled to take place in 2024, but technical and financial obstacles has brought much criticism and doubt on the Organization on the basis that this project is an ambitious project that is totally not worth it to do in the next ten years.

There is also the problem that anyone who goes to Mars will not have a way to be able to come back to Earth.

This journey is a one-way trip, for there is no launch pads on Mars to travel leads us home and if it is, it will need more cost than the currently budgeted cost of $ 6000000000, said Lieu.

So, those who are elected should be ready to become a resident of Mars
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