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10 Most Horrible Torture Tools

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 | 7:03 PM

Medieval times is one of the most dark era in its history. This period is known as the most barbaric, brutal, and cruel. That makes this century torture devices are so well known they were so deadly. The following 10 Medieval torture tools most of these horrible.

1. The Scold’s Bridle

Also called mask of straitjacket, these objects are used to humiliate and hurt the wearer. These objects are made of iron that resembles the mask and applied to the head of the victim. Part of his mouth stand out with a flat iron that makes the tongue pressed down. When the body was shocked, the tongue will feel sick because of the iron switch. These objects are used to punish women. There are a variety of shapes, the shape of a cow for a female Slacker, rabbit for who likes gossiping, and rats for the grumpy.

2. The Heretic’s Fork

Torture is a tool similar fork commonly used during the Inquisition in Spain. This fork is fitted with a collar attached to a rod of iron-shaped fork. One end of the fork is placed under the Chin on the chest while the other defendants. This makes the accused could not move and will be released if the accused had confessed.

3. Thumb Screws

This tool is similar to the regular screw and is used to force the defendants admit their deeds. The thumb will be placed in the clamp and will be tightened until the accused confessed.

4. The Picquet

Commonly used in military discipline. The victim will be hung in the air with one's thumb or hand that is hung while under his feet there is a tapered iron. The ropes that bound the victims will be reduced little by little so that the victim had to be based on tapered iron for striking a balance of the body.

5. Coffin Torture

Commonly called coffin tormentor and feared criminals. Victims who are guilty will be chained in a coffin made of spiky iron composition. A person sentenced to this will feel pain as well as ashamed of this torture ordinary coffin is placed in a public place.

6. Judas Cradle

Is a terrible device shaped seat with tapered seating. The tapered seating shaped pyramids and rapid thrusting into the anus of defendants. The victim will be bound feet and the seat will be hung so that the accused felt the pain. If the accused is not dead because her anus torn, then it will die because of infection of wounds for these seats were never cleaned.

7. The Rack

The torture tools is one of the most famous in the middle ages. A timber frame placed on the ground. The victim would be tied to the tip of his hands are tied to a rope that is wrapped around a wooden player. An executioner will rotate players until the body wood victims stretch up their broken bones and even torn.

8. The Brazen Bull

First discovered by the people of Greece and became the most popular means of torture during the middle ages. The victim will be inserted into the hollow sculpture of a bull. Sculptures made of metal are then placed over a fire. Victims who are in it will die slowly due to the heat of the burning metal.

9. The Head Crusher
Also called head-crushing. Victim's Chin will be placed under the metal, then the metal cap was placed over his head. The CAP is then closed with the screw slowly until the skull bone is destroyed.

10. The Spanish Tickler
Is one of the most horrific torture instruments in the middle ages. A series of metal claws mounted on the ends of the pole. The victim's body and then scrubbed with the tool until the victim's body was destroyed.

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